Scars are the mark that appears soon after the accidents. It might happen that after healing of wounds there might appear scars on that part of the body. They are not deep in the skin, they are just superficial and can be healed easily on treating them. Those women who have scars on their legs; if they have to wear shorts or skirts are conscious about it. It can easily be reduced by treating it. There are many treatments that are used widely for the treatment of scars. Some of them are:


This therapy is useful in leg scar removal. In this treatment, scar cells are removed from the skin layers by the help of the brush that keeps on rotating. In this way the layer of skin that is having a scar is removed so as a result the new layers that will grow in the place of these previous layers will be clean without having any sort of scars on it.Clear, smooth skin layer will be seen on that part. The best thing is that this procedure is not painful in fact the sensation of brushing is felling just that will remove the layers from the skin that are injured. Just thin skin layers are removed so bleeding does not occur.

Chemical peel:

In this treatment hard scar layer is removed from the body. Some of the chemicals are applied that will have reaction with the skin. As a result burning will be felt at that area when chemicals are applied.

Collagen injection:

Sometimes the cut is not treated with the other treatments so they are treated with the help of collagen injections that will fill layer of skin. One thing that is a drawback of this treatment is that it is nota  long lasting treatment, in fact the filling of the collagen break out with time. It is a painless treatment so one must have this after every 3-12 months when needed.

Laser therapies:

CO2 is used in laser therapy to remove the scars from the legs it will take some time to remove the layer of skins with the help of laser beam and CO2. Another therapy includes vascular treatment of laser in which blood vessel near scar is inflamed as a result of this scar will become visible and will be treated easily. Blood vessel in inflamed and then it returns to its original size in order to leg scar removal.

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