The predecessor to last season has somewhat of a mixed bag to deal with. Almost every yearly franchise has to deal with some growing pains jumping from one generation to another, though the FIFA 15 handled it impressively. However, it only got fans of the franchise excited for what was in store for this year’s version. The Ignite Engine, which had a much welcomed positive reaction worldwide, is here to stay, and it has received a refinement to improve upon game mechanics.

Gamers of FIFA 15 and  buy FIFA15 coins  are going to notice some subtle changes almost immediately when it comes to dribbling and make their way across the pitch towards net. Players’ ratings have a more noticeable effect on every aspect of their game, but dribbling is definitely where it stands out. For example, a player such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who might be a monster at 6’5” and every bit of a nightmare to deal with in the box, isn’t necessarily the best player to dribble up the middle with. The movements will almost seem clunky. On the flip side of this, Lionel Messi is going to look like a well-oiled engine pushing the attack. Dribbles are crisp and cuts are tight for the Argentine. It doesn’t take long to figure out what a player’s strengths and weaknesses are as the Ignite Engine certainly makes it clear after a match or two.

The biggest change to the engine comes in the form of Dynamic Goalkeeping. Breeder often play the same way the same action, so EA decided to take some time to work on changing the antiquated past two versions. Gamers of FIFA 15 who downloaded the demo probably recognized this quickly as it is an increased challenge to beat the better keepers in the game. Increasing the difficulty, of course, only makes this task harder, meaning gamers will have to find creative ways to slip the ball past the final man. A negative to this, though, is that the AI commands that a gamer can give seem to have suffered a bit. Holding down the “Y” button brings out the keeper to challenge an attacker, but this year there seems to be something lost in translation. Keepers used to take great angles and charge head on no matter what angle the attacker came from. This year, for unknown reasons, this is not a guarantee. This command will result in keepers getting caught more out of position than anything. I experience this in just about every game mode and with keepers of all skill levels, from the general keeper on Pro Clubs to telling Hugo Lloris to charge in my career mode.

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