How to install the BnS Client on a different drive

1. There is an option to change the directory of the client in the installer file, if you missed it, deinstall the client+Launcher and try again or deinstall the Client and follow the steps below.
2. Go to "Program Files (x86)\NCWest\NCLauncher"
3. Open NCLauncher.ini with notepad
4. Go to "InstallFilePath=" and change it to the drive you want it to be. If none of these steps worked go to step 5.

The steps below must be changed back once you´re done:

5. Usually I refrain from recommending registry changes but if it only works this way, so be it.

6. Deinstall the whole launcher + client, also delete the folder(s) under C: // D: and go to "Documents" to delete the "BnS" Folder to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. Be sure that nothing is left, otherwise it might cause problems.

7. Open "Run" (windows-button + R)

8. Type in regedit

9. Go to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion
10. On the right side you´ll now see different keys. Go to "ProgramFilesDir" & "CommonFilesDir" (x86)

11. Double click on both of them and change the written
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files // C:\Program Files (x86) to the correspondig drive you have in mind D:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files // D:\Program Files (x86) - for example

12. Now the default is set to the drive you´ve chosen and any x86 program will be installed on the other drive. Restart your PC now and proceed with step 13.
13. Run the launcher file and look out for options to change the directory. Even if now D: // E: or still C: is listed, try to manually change it.

14. Let it download & install the client now with Cheap Blade And Soul Gold. Occassionally check if your chosen drive becomes fuller or if a "NCSoft" folder has been now created under D: // E:

15. Don´t forget to revert your registry back once you´ve installed it successfully on the other drive

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